How to Find the Right High Heels for You

A person wearing pink high heels.

High heels are a popular choice of footwear as they offer great variety in terms of colors, shapes, the height of the heels etc. They’re used to elevate a person and help them realign their posture by straightening their spine and pushing back their shoulders.

Since high heels require you to balance on the tools of your feet, they are also reported to help increase the strength of the muscles and tendons in the lower leg. If you’re having difficulty finding the right high heels to wear, this detailed guide is designed for you.

1. Shop At the End of The Day

When you’re going shopping for a pair of high heels, pick the end of the day when your feet are tired and swollen. This might seem counterproductive when buying shoes, but higher circulation of blood in your feet will make them bigger and more sensitive.

Hence, you will be able to better determine whether the shoes you’re browsing through are the right size and shape for you and will feel comfortable on your feet.

2. Make Sure to Walk in The Shoes Before You Buy Them

A cardinal rule of shoe shopping is to walk around in your chosen shoes before you make the decision to purchase them. Practice patience in the shoe store and leave yourself plenty of time to walk around the store, so you can get a realistic feel of the shoes.

If your high heels are slightly uncomfortable, a bit too tight, or you’re wobbling around on them, then put them aside and choose another pair.

A pair of black high heels

3. Don't Forget About Your Toes

High heels are designed in such a way that they put a lot of pressure on the toes of the feet, so you need to pay special attention to your toes when you’re shopping for heels. While you're walking in the shoes, assess how your toes feel and whether they’re comfortable or are being squeezed too tightly in the shoes.

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